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14.99 USD
  • Permanent

Welcome to V.I.P.

Receiving V.I.P. will entitle you to many benefits for now, and the future! Such as:

  • V.I.P. Only Jobs
  • V.I.P. Only Cars
  • V.I.P. In-game Tag
  • V.I.P. TeamSpeak Tag
  • V.I.P. Only Printer and higher printer limits
  • Additional props to build
  • Additional building tools

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Custom Class
30 USD
  • Permanent

A custom class is a very attractive option for those who are wanting a lot more flexibility in their RP style. You can have your own weapon loadout, custom model, and other add-ons for your custom class. In the default custom class (which is this) You will receive this:

    Player model from either the workshop or on the server already

    primary weapon

    secondary weapon (pistol or auto pistol)

    name (appropriate and RP)

    Custom color and description

You can order other items to add to your custom! Speak with Rami or any Liason and above before you decide on what you would like

    Extra weapons


    Extra health (Up to 50)

    Extra Armor (Up to 50)

If you have any questions, make sure to ask Senior Admin staff or Liason


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