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phase 2 501st

Hello everyone! I'm here to report that 501st have now received the full phase 2 treatment! More on the way!

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New home map suggestions

Hello there! Be sure to check out the New Home suggestions and planning thread on the forums. 

Here's a direct link: Thread

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Brawlhalla Tournament TBD

Hello, members of the Prominent! We will be hosting the 2019 Winter Brawlhalla Tournament Stay on the lookout for the thread that will go over the prizes (big boy prizes incoming),  along with how the tournament will be running. Thank you :)


Edit: The tournament is going to be rescheduled so we may accommodate more members joining in on the fun! 

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Prominent Gaming News

Hello everyone, and welcome to our slider feature that is brand new to the Prominent forums! I will be using this to feature upcoming news and announcements for the community, including updates or additions! Generally, if it's up here, it's important.


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  1. Cards

    CO/XO Meeting

    We will be having a CO/XO meeting at 5PM PST. Please Note: This meeting is subject to change.
  2. Cards

    Staff Meeting - SWRP - Host: Bait

    Staff Meeting June 24th for all SWRP Staff Will begin at approximately 530PM CST
  3. If you are an Event Planner we will be having a scheduled meeting on July 7th. At approximately 3PM PST
  4. If you are a Activity Planner we will be having a scheduled meeting on July 21st. At approximately 5PM PST
  5. Shao

    Hey, you banned me yesterday for RDM and now I'm banned until the 21st for Mass RDM. I couldn't have Mass RDM'd because I was banned for 24 hours for Attempted RDM. Can you please remove the extension on my ban?

  6. Cards

    DarkRP Real Release!

    Currently 48 Players will be on the DarkRP Server maximum.
  7. DarkRP Release Due to some setbacks we had to move the release date to March 30th 2018! That is now just a few days away, all the upper staff & Rami are looking forward to sharing the hard work that has gone into preparing this for Prominent Gaming! As always if you have any ideas/suggestions before the release let them be heard! Even the smallest idea could make a huge impact for the server & community! Last but not least the DarkRP Moderator Applications are still [OPEN]! If you want to join the Staff of this amazing community & have a chance to work with the player base in a new way this is your chance! Thank you, ~Cards
  8. Cards

    DarkRP Rules

    Prominent Gaming Dark RP Rules Note: Rules are subject to change at anytime. Chat Rules(A.1) Disparaging language is not tolerated (Racism, Sexism, etc.). Any inappropriate content is not tolerated. Out of Character (OOC) Chat is only used for non-roleplay related conversation. Keep OOC clean. All caps messages are not permitted. No advertising links, server adresses, videos, and anything related. Admin chat is only for contacting staff members for server or game related issues. Admin chat shall not be spammed. General Rules(B.1) Staff word is final. If you have an issue with a certain staff member or sit, please report it in the feedback form on the forums. Do not impersonate staff on duty. Roleplay is not active within spawn boundaries. Random Death Matching (RDM) is not tolerated. Vehicle Death Matching (VDM) is not tolerated. Random Arresting (RA) is not tolerated. New Life Rule(NLR); anytime a player dies, he or she must forget all previous actions and persons from their previous life. Also, he or she may not return to their place of death for at least 3 minutes. Suiciding to get out of roleplay situations is not tolerated. Metagaming is not permitted; using any strategies or techniques to surpass the roleplay ruleset within darkrp (police raiding based off sounds, killing hitmen because they are hitmen, etc.) Minging or trolling is not tolerated. No prop abuse (surfing, killing, blocking, climbing, etc.). Leaving to Avoid Punishment (LTAP) is not tolerated. Hacking or exploiting is not tolerated. Trading attainable in game entities for real life currency or assets is not tolerated. AFK players shall not be engaged in active roleplay. This means you cannot interact with AFK players in a roleplay sense (mugging, kidnapping, etc. ). This does make AFK players immune to raiding or trespassing. You may kill another player if you witness them killing one of your party members. The victim must be in your party for this to apply. Read party rules. Trapping players in bases or similar areas is not tolerated unless your job specifies that you can kidnap. Please be aware that kidnapping has time limits and ransom limits. Do not ask players to perform any criminal or raiding activities against you. Use common sense. Building Rules(C.1) There must be a clear and visible entrance to the base. Building signs can only be up when their are no entities within the base being built. You cannot have KOS signs with a building sign up. KOS lines are only permitted on owned building property. KOS lines are not permitted on streets, sidewalks or public alleyways. Only 2 fading doors maximum permitted for each base entrance. Only 3 fading doors maximum for raidable entities (cars, printers, weapons, etc.) Only 4 fading doors maximum may be used for shooting/peek holes. Shooting/peek hole fading doors must be open for and operated with a keypad with a hold time of at least 4 seconds. Keypads and buttons must be visible and eye level near every fading door. No fake or dummy keypads or buttons. All keypads must open one of the two fading doors. All keypads will have a hold length of at least 4 seconds. Keypad delays cannot exceed 1 second. There must be at least one entrance and one exit to the base. No entrances that require a player to crouch or jump. Hitbox abusing is not tolerated. The defender must not be in any instance where he or she is able to see/shoot the raider while the raider cannot do the same to the defender. You may double up fading doors. Bases cannot block off alleyways, roads or tunnels. Megabases are the exception to this rule. Bases cannot be built over roads or other unowned property. You may only build on the roof of a building if you own every door inside that building. Materialized bases that are blacked out or disorienting are not permitted. Maze bases are not permitted. "Hovering bases" must have some kind of physical structure supporting them in the air. You must own the front door of the building in order to build in it. No invisible props. One way props are permitted. You must be able to fit at least two standing players side by side between each fading door. Remove bases when asked to by server staff. The Mayor and Police Chief are the only jobs that can build on the street. However, all street buildings must be approved by staff. Only Hobos, DJ's and the Mayor can build on sidewalks. All wire mod contraptions must be approved by a staff member. Megabase Requirements and Rules(C.2) At least 8 people are required to permit a mega base. A megabase location must be approved by a staff member before building. Megabase entrances follow standard base building rules. Megabases may block off alleyways, roads and tunnels where permitted. Buildings within megabases follow standard base building rules. Raiding Rules(D.1) You do not have to advert raid unless you are raiding the PD or the bank (PD/Bank Raid). But, you must advert Raid over when the raid is over. PD raids can be only every 30 minutes. You cannot raid the PD unless there are at least 3 government jobs on. All Criminals with the exception of the Master Meth Cook can raid. All Government can raid (with a warrant) with the exception of the Mayor. Raids can only last a maximum of 15 minutes. You cannot take over another players base. You must leave after the 15 minute mark. You and anyone you are RP related to have to wait 30 minutes until raiding the same base again. You and anyone you are RP related to have to wait 10 minutes before raiding another base. You cannot raid bases that have a building sign. Counter raids are only permitted to players that have an RP relation to the defenders of a base that is being raided. You do not have to be inside of the base you own in order to defend it. You cannot build during a raid (This includes both attackers and defenders). You cannot use keypad binds or fading door binds when defending during a raid. You must use the code on the keypad in order to operate keypads during a base defense. When killed in a raid you cannot return or assist until the raid is completely over (This includes both attackers and defenders). You may kill anyone inside of the base being raided, however, you may not kill bystanders outside unless directly threatened. If a raider knows the keypad code to a base, he or she is not authorized to use it during a raid. Mugging Rules(D.2) Maximum mug amount is $2,000. Criminals and Hobos with the exception of the Master Meth Cook can mug. You do not have to advert mug, but, it is required that you type out the mug amount and time to respond in proximity chat. You must give the player you are mugging at least 10 seconds to begin complying. You and anyone you are RP related to must wait 5 minutes between each mug. You and anyone you are RP related to must wait 30 minutes before mugging the same player again. You may kill players who are trying to mug you. Carjacking Rules(D.3) Each player can only possess two stolen vehicles. You do not have to advert carjack. Maximum car ransom is $100,000. If the victim of a carjack is in the car you must give them at least 10 seconds to respond to your carjack. You and anyone you are RP related to must wait at least 5 minutes between each carjack. You may kill players who are trying to steal your car or a party members car. Kidnapping Rules(D.4) You can only kidnap as jobs that have it specified in the description. Kidnap holding time is a maximum of 15 minutes. The Mayor can be held for 20 minutes until either demands are met or the government rescue him. Maximum kidnap ransom is $15,000. Mayor max ransom is $100,000. You and anyone you are RP related to can only have 2 players kidnapped at a time. You cannot kidnap the same person within an hour of the last kidnap. Each kidnapper must wait at least 5 minutes between each kidnap. You do not have to advert kidnap. You must make it clear how long the victim is being held and what the ransom or demand is. If the victim clearly fails to comply you may kill them. Default Laws(E.1) Do not attack other citizen except in self-defense. Do not steal or break into people's homes. Money printers/drugs are illegal. Money printers stored in a bank are legal. Government Rules (F.1) The Mayor may add laws but, may only change default laws pertaining to drugs. No purge laws. Government money printers or drugs. Government jobs may have bitcoin miners in the PD vault. Police can return to a PD raid after their NLR is over. Only the Mayor and Police chief can build in the PD. Anywhere past the front lobby of the PD can be AOS. Any government job is not allowed to be corrupt (Using printers, targeting certain players). Government jobs may have bitcoin miners in the PD vault. A reason for arrest (RFA) is required to be adverted for every arrest made. [RFA] [Detainees Name] [Reason for Arrest] Laws that discriminate any specific job or group besides hobos and tunnel rats are not permitted. Checkpoints can only be made in tunnels by the Mayor or Police Chief with staff approval. Warrants and raids can only be made when there is a direct sighting of criminal activity within a base. You can only raid with a warrant unless it's a counter raid (Protecting someones property). You must attempt to arrest lawbreakers before KOSing them. You can only use lethal force if you are defending life or property from immediate harm. Lock downs can only be issued by the Mayor. Lock downs can only be issued if the PD is being raided or if there is a large presence of crime in the streets. Locks downs can only last 15 minutes. There always must be a reason for a lock down. No KOS laws. Gang/Party Rules (G.1) Gangs have no effect on RP situations. Gang members can raid other members in the same gang as long as they are not in the same party. The Gang Owner can override this rule by adding more strict gang rules. Party members must be based together. You may kill or defend any member that is in your party if you witness them being harmed, mugged, kidnapped, etc. Job Rules (H.1) Civilians can only base with other Civilians. Civilians cannot possess any illegal items (ex. Printers, stolen items, banned items). Criminals can only base with other Criminals, Gun Dealers, Drug Dealers and Guards. The Crips, Bloods and the Mafia cannot base with each other. You can only kill in self defense, unless you are committing an approved criminal activity. Silly Jobs will have specific rule written in their job descriptions. Gang wars can occur between Crips, Bloods and Mafia. All sides must agree to a gang war by adverting "Gang War with [Name]". Gang wars can only last 30 minutes and occur every hour. Hitman You may raid in order to complete a hit. All raiding rules still apply. You may base but, you cannot own any defenses or raid-able entities (ex. setting up a hitman office). You cannot be in a party unless it's with another murder job. This does not exclude you from being in a gang. Use common sense. Serial Killer You have the ability to kill anyone, this is called "Mass Murder". There is no limit on how many people you can kill. You must wait 10 minutes between Murders. There is no limit on how many people you can kill in a murder phase. However, once you are killed, the murder phase is over. Murders can target anyone. A Serial Killer can be killed by anyone if they witness the Serial Killer committing Murder. You must advert "Mass Murder" before you commit murder. Use common sense. Gun Dealers Do not self supply yourself unless it's for self defense. You may sell to party members. You are allowed to scam. But, be careful who you make angry. DJ You may only play music through a media player device. You may not play music through your microphone. The media player must be stationary. You may only play music in admin approved areas (ex. sidewalks, alleyways, etc.) or buildings that you own the front door to. Hobo You cannot own any firearms however, you may own melee weapons. You may build anywhere but, you cannot block entrances, exits or build on the streets. If you are on another players property be warned, you can be arrested or KOS'd for trespassing after warning to leave. You may advertise donations to anyone. District Attourney There is no max bail. The government has a choice to let you into the PD or not. You may advertise bails. Banker You cannot scam people as the banker. Your security guards must be either government or civilians. You may advertise your bank. Money printers that are stored with a banker are legal.
  9. Cards

    Bug & Exploit Format

    Bug & Exploit - Template (Copy and paste into a new thread) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. In-game name: 2. Please explain the Bug or Exploit: 3. Any additional comments:
  10. Gonna be working on more Jedi content for the forums tomorrow!