By Rami

phase 2 501st

Hello everyone! I'm here to report that 501st have now received the full phase 2 treatment! More on the way!

By Rami

New home map suggestions

Hello there! Be sure to check out the New Home suggestions and planning thread on the forums. 

Here's a direct link: Thread

By Rami

Brawlhalla Tournament TBD

Hello, members of the Prominent! We will be hosting the 2019 Winter Brawlhalla Tournament Stay on the lookout for the thread that will go over the prizes (big boy prizes incoming),  along with how the tournament will be running. Thank you :)


Edit: The tournament is going to be rescheduled so we may accommodate more members joining in on the fun! 

By Rami

Prominent Gaming News

Hello everyone, and welcome to our slider feature that is brand new to the Prominent forums! I will be using this to feature upcoming news and announcements for the community, including updates or additions! Generally, if it's up here, it's important.


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  1. Aeon

    Couple pics from my DC trip

    ayyy go America
  2. Aeon

    Heron4EA is almost here boys. Mission almost accomplished 

  3. Aeon

    heron appreciation post

  4. Aeon

    Last thing you listened to

    I was just listening to this
  5. Aeon

    Kit Fisto and Tano's Greatest Adventures Blog

    CNN BREAKING NEWS ALERT #2: This is Lil 'Soka on the track. check out my new mixtape Coming at you live with a brand new " who knew news?" news report. Over the past few rotations, a lot of crazy things have happened. Two new Jedi Younglings fresh from Coruscant have been transferred to us. We hope to see a lot more of these lil fellers, and hope they don't end up like the last batch of Younglings... so messy... T-Council Interviews happened this night not but a few hours ago. 4 unnamed sources have been accepted and will (hopefully) strive to do their best and become full fledged Council members. For privacy reasons, I will not be revealing their names.. but we look forward to whenever they will be announced! I deeply am saddened by this news, but it appears we have lost a valued PG Member recently. He was a really cool dude and will be missed. If he ever feels the need to rejoin, he will be welcomed with open arms. Until/if that happens, from everyone aboard the Prominent we wish you the best of luck in life and are all rooting for you! THIS IS CNNPG HEAD REPORTER AEON AHSOKA TANO. I'LL SEE YOU NEXTIME WORLD! AND THATS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES. SIGNING OFF.
  6. Aeon

    Kit Fisto and Tano's Greatest Adventures Blog

    CNN BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Hey what is up guys, scarce- I mean Gloria Borger- Ahsoka Tano here. Our breaking news coming to you first, fast, and detailed. Last night, a "mysterious tower of shields" was spotted roaming around Main Hanger Bay. "It was big, shieldy, and it reminded me of Flex Tape because THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE" said a witness who'd like to remain anonymous (it was Bobcat) Unfortunately no photos or videos were captured of this horrific beast, but we can be safe to assume it is big and scary. And still roaming the ship, so watch your back troopers... if you value your lives. THIS IS CNNPG HEAD REPORTER AEON AHSOKA TANO. I'LL SEE YOU NEXTIME WORLD! AND THATS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES
  7. Aeon

    PG Community Meeting!

    Ramen? Sorry. I only know of Beefy Potato
  8. Aeon

    Kit Fisto and Tano's Greatest Adventures Blog

    CNN BREAKING NEWS: mysterious sightings of what is described as a “force ghost” type creature in the form of wookie. Report coming soon!
  9. Are you looking for FUN on Minecraft? well we can’t offer that but still join
  10. Aeon

    Enjoy a good laugh

    No Paladin. No. Ily tho
  11. Aeon

    Where do the times go?

    Miss the old days with Larry, Delta and Baeon. Am sad. Heck you for making me think this
  12. Aeon


    Almost lost a close friend tonight. Luckily I was there to let her know she's loved and isn't alone. Sometimes that's all it takes. Let someone know you're there if they ever need to talk. Let em know they're loved and would be deeply missed. Sometimes such a small inconvenience to us is the end of the line for them.
  13. Aeon

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    Paladin is just doing this for likes. He wants to get a high forum reputation