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phase 2 501st

Hello everyone! I'm here to report that 501st have now received the full phase 2 treatment! More on the way!

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New home map suggestions

Hello there! Be sure to check out the New Home suggestions and planning thread on the forums. 

Here's a direct link: Thread

By Rami

Brawlhalla Tournament TBD

Hello, members of the Prominent! We will be hosting the 2019 Winter Brawlhalla Tournament Stay on the lookout for the thread that will go over the prizes (big boy prizes incoming),  along with how the tournament will be running. Thank you :)


Edit: The tournament is going to be rescheduled so we may accommodate more members joining in on the fun! 

By Rami

Prominent Gaming News

Hello everyone, and welcome to our slider feature that is brand new to the Prominent forums! I will be using this to feature upcoming news and announcements for the community, including updates or additions! Generally, if it's up here, it's important.


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    The 104th Battalion, also known as the "Wolf Pack" was a clone trooper military unit of the Grand Army of the Republic, that specialized primarily in Search and Rescue.

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    We are the elite Arc troopers stationed on the Prominent. All the Arc troopers know their duties and responsibilities as a Rancor Arc. We do any job that we are assigned. No job is to little or big. We complete and execute the objectives with precision. If you are interested in joining talk to a Rancor!

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    For current or past members of the glorious GMs or 21st Nova Corps!