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  1. Flame

    So I made myself a microphone stand

    What is this witchcraft
  2. Flame

    EP's Singing Country Roads

    We were waiting for the deployment to start, nothing to do. I got bored, got my phone and started playing country roads and sang to it. They sang it with me.
  3. Flame

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    everyday, 2-4 hours scanning and researching then another 4-7 hours of writing and reading.
  4. Flame

    It's time for me to leave

    Dear God He’s Done It Again. Teal, you were one of my closest friends, after we left the shit show back in 2017, we came to PG, I did hope you had an enjoyable time, and to forget the old days, the ship we went through. I do hope we can meet again and have some fun whenever. Long story short, it’s been way too much fun, but I don’t think that killed your career or in any case your career wasn’t killed in the first place. Mistakes happen, but teal, you have been there and I hope you solve the problems you have currently. See ya soon buddy. -Flame
  5. Flame

    Blubber Appreciation Post

    Happy b day blubber. GREAT GUY I TELL YA.
  6. Flame

    Lemme be havoc

    -1 he's made this a bad meme
  7. Flame

    Commando Droid Meme 7/20/2018

    Boi u call that a meme, there are ture memes like these
  8. Flame


  9. Flame

    Niko's Thankful

    Happy Birthday Niko, my reg jedi boi
  10. Flame

    Good tunes

    That’s my jam. Also remembered this from my roller skating days in middle school they would always play around the world
  11. Flame

    Good tunes

    Geez, like half of these songs are soooo good. For any of u daft punk fan bois @That One EpicFace
  12. Flame

    41st RP

    *Yoda And Gree Break Down Your door* “You know too much”
  13. Flame

    41st RP

    There’s also these pics
  14. Flame

    41st RP

    The hard work does pay off, but it wasn’t just me my XO springtrap and Niko, every 41st member commited themselves to help the regiment. Don’t forget my third in command Goldie @Goldiehe made this regiment even better alongside me, niko and springtrap. without them I’m not sure where the 41st could have gone.
  15. Flame

    41st RP

    We need more Green Indeed. Green bois are back in town.