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  1. Boy

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    The pinnacle of humanity
  2. Boy

    stats class need things

    Height: 6’5 Gender:Tyler 1
  3. Boy

    Guess Who's Back

    Back Again
  4. Boy

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    Errrday it’s rough our errrrrrr
  5. Boy

    stats class pls help

    5’11 orange
  6. Boy

    Lemme be havoc

  7. Boy

    low quality memes

    I really like the first one
  8. Boy

    Map Inspection Group?

    Poke doc whenever you see me in ts I found 2 more potential maps
  9. Boy


    I refuse to watch anime and this falls under/near that category
  10. Boy


    I still haven't watched the show
  11. I mean unless the rest of your computer parts are of top quality I don’t know that you want to be buying a graphics card of that caliber. I have a GTX 970 and I have never ever encountered an issue with settings or FPS being able to still use everything I have an I7 processor and SSD To add to that but really nothing too spectacular and I didn’t have to break the bank on my build as well as I can still play multiple games at once without ever feeling as if I am sacrificing anything graphics wise. I am am in no way a tech kinda guy as I didn’t even build my computer but I guess this is just my 2 cents
  12. Boy

    Jwhite's Internet

    Used to play semi pro cod if anyways confused
  13. Boy

    Jwhite's Internet

    Well if you would actually play me Scott I can show you how I got my $$$ IM DOMINANT BABY
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    Jwhite's Internet

  15. Boy

    Jwhite's Internet

    Yea you don’t need to get in trouble I gotcha anyways lol👌