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  1. Icarus

    Guess Who's Back

    My rank is Seaman(E-3) so SN for short. My rate is Yeoman, YN for short. YNSN. My job is to account for personnel on this squadron I'm being assigned to and write reports and handle legal documents. I'm going to learn Japanese.
  2. Icarus

    Guess Who's Back

    Don't worry, I'll mail you a present when I get there.
  3. Icarus

    Guess Who's Back

    Marines are pretty terrifying. I saw like 10 of them wrestling in the dirt yesterday. I'm a YNSN going to be stationed with a squadron in Japan.
  4. Icarus

    Guess Who's Back

    I can shoot AROUND my target. And when I got here, they told me to watch out for marines. I asked why and they responded with "they're loud and f***ing stupid".
  5. Icarus

    Guess Who's Back

    We all fly a little too close to the sun from time to time. But I feel like I flew right into it and got vaporized into ash. Then like a Phoenix, I arose stronger than before. I repeated that cycle several times and here I am. "What are you talking about?" I was at a quaint little place called Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois for about 2 and a half months. RTC is about 50 minutes away from Chicago. Anyway, I was at Navy Bootcamp. There I underwent the metamorphosis of being changed from a selfish kid to a United States Sailor. Now I can fight fires, rescue wounded, handle a 9mm like a gunslinger, bring a ship into port, operate a bridge, stand security watch(guard duty), etc. I've never laughed, sweat, and cried so much in my life. So, now I'm at "A" School in Mississippi. Completely different environment. I went from walking down the street and having Petty Officers and Chiefs treat me like I'm worth less than the dirt cuz I was just a recruit to walking around this new base with E-3 stripes and have everyone say good morning to me. I was told that I am pathetic and don't deserve to wear my uniform. But that same RDC that told me that shook my hand and told me "good job" before I got on the bus to the airport to leave bootcamp. Not to mention being allowed to actually start spending the ridiculous amount of money I am being paid and being able to access the internet with my phone. I'll be getting my laptop and my Blue yeti mailed to me here real soon so I'll be hopping on the server whenever I can. (Also, FACE REVEAL)
  6. Icarus

    I need to get some stuff off my chest

    I barely know you, but from what I have read, let me tell you something. I have been in the same boat with a step mother that screamed at me for literally anything. So, I felt like I didn't have a voice. I was young. I took an ROTC class as a Freshman and I got my voice back. I learned how to take being yelled at and how to dish it out. As for your situation, man, you need to understand that there will always be another "her" in your life. You need to grow and become a stronger, better person than her. There will always be someone in your life trying to judge you and criticize everything you do. So I recommend you start exercising your middle-finger muscle. And if not, the second you turn 18 you can be out of that house and never look back. I never did. Your family is not those simply related to you. Your family is comprised of people that care about your wellbeing. Do I consider my stepmother family? No, I used to joke about growing up and murdering her at the age of 8. She backs off now because I can yell louder than her. Should you consider your guardian family? In my opinion from what you have told me, hell to the no. I will forgive my stepmother one day, though. As should you once you've moved on. Be the better person. And besides, if not, you'll always have family here.
  7. Icarus

    41st RP

    Cloning clones is illegal, 41st. Believe me, I have seen Gree get cloned 11 times.
  8. Icarus

    What is DarkRP?

    Dark RP is a gamemode that is kind of like City RP, basically but just about anything can happen, which makes it fun. Ugandan Knuckles could raid your house with his army of tongue clickers, Batman could be running people over in the Batmobile, corrupt police could be wandering around on meth, Jedi and clones could be at a bar talking out their problems with the CIS, etc. Most Dark RP servers are generic, like you see one, you have seen them all. Ours will be more unique, I have heard about custom classes allowing just about any models on the workshop, so things will definitely be crazy if that is true. But that is just what I heard we talked about once.