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  1. Capitão

    Guess Who's Back

  2. Capitão

    So I made myself a microphone stand

    Is it bad or good that I thought it was just a normal stand with a bit of glue at the bottom ?
  3. Capitão

    EP's Singing Country Roads

    So thats what happens in that channel
  4. Capitão

    The p a c k s

    Packs can be found here
  5. Capitão

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    Daily (3-7 times a day) I guess ?
  6. Capitão

    It's time for me to leave

    I'm Sorry
  7. Capitão

    Commando Droid Meme 7/20/2018

    91st stitch up the troopers so technically they keep them together
  8. Capitão


    With that logic you refuse to watch any cartoons / animated things
  9. Capitão


    Thats a shame
  10. Capitão


    The first good thing Disney has done
  11. Capitão

    Need a Computer Expert... kind of expert

    Currently @Luke Skywalker / Teal is away at band camp until the 20th (Friday) so it might take a bit to get that update from him