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    Guess Who's Back

    Finally a face reveal
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    Rami's Birthday

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    Jwhite's Internet

    Hey everyone I just want to thank each and everyone of you who has donated to help me with this situation. I have received enough to keep me going for a few months now. I appreciate all the help that was offered to me and hope that I am able to do this for myself in the future. I am going to be trying my best to try and find any means I can to make money on my own. Many people have gave me ideas and tips on being able to maybe make money at home. I am going to see what I can do and possibly update you guys on this later. Thanks again of all the help that each and everyone of you provided to me. Love you guys ❤️
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    Jwhite's Internet

    We got a 23-19 We got a 23-19. All Staff Assemble
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    LMAO My grandma is the one who set the rule she would know if money is missing.
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    What I am meaning is how would I make profit like do they allow selling of crates and how much do they normally sell for? Also is TF2 a Free Game?
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    Jwhite's Internet

    I don't have TF2. And also how would I make profit off of that?
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    That's true but it can also get you in trouble.
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    Jwhite's Internet

    Hey guys Jwhite here. Many of you know me or have known me for quite some time now. However not many of you know my situation. Currently I have an agreement with my Grandmother about paying for my internet. When I first got internet and started off it was $45 a month. Now when you first get something whether it be TV or Satellite or in this case Internet they start you off on a promotional deal where you get so much off for the first year or two. For the first year my internet cost me $45 a month and my grandmother was willing and able to pay that. For the second year it went up to $55 a month then for this year which is its final increase in price I now have to pay $65 a month for internet. Now for the agreement I made with my Grandmother it was that I would if I could help pay for the increase so she would put up the $45 and I would have to put up $20 due to she could not pay for it due to the increase. There have been a few people who have helped me with this over the course of this year however this month is the last month that I will have internet unless something happens. I know many of you might say why not get a job. Well with the small town I live in jobs are not easy to come by or the Bosses lie right to my face about a job opening. So with all of this being said unless I can somehow start coming up with the $20 a month I will lose my internet. Losing this will cause me to have to sign back up for it which will then cost me over $100 for activation and installation fees and I don't want to go through that. If any of you can help me with being able to pay the $20 I would greatly appreciate it. If you are willing to help me then please contact me in TeamSpeak and we can talk more about it there as going any further than this on the Forums will possibly cause me to break the Rules of the Forums. Sincerely The Best Cornstalk Nation Leader Jwhite