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  1. Springtrap

    Whats The best time zone

    which is better. http://www.strawpoll.me/16282610/r this is opinion based and just for fun don't want to start any fights or anything
  2. Springtrap

    Chim Appreciation post

    happy birthday man, I remember when we meet long before PG up til now your always there to help, and a good friend.
  3. Springtrap


    time to add bad batch to gmod
  4. Springtrap

    Teigen knows things

    hey man, I've been busy work recently I work like 50 hours a week rip, but maybe sometime on a weekend we can like schedule a class thing. and if anyone else wants to join
  5. Springtrap

    41st RP

    how about more darker greenies
  6. Springtrap

    41st RP

    not enough green
  7. Springtrap

    Battalion theme songs by Lex

    I approve for 41st
  8. Springtrap

    Teigen knows things

    I'm definitely interested
  9. Springtrap

    Barris = Sith?

  10. Springtrap

    Gmod Engine

    I wondered for a while now if gmod would ever get a better engine or If facepunch would make another with a better engine, but searching for news on another gmod has not come up for a while. I was wondering anyone know much about engines its definitely something I'm gonna look into. If gmod had a better engine there would be so much more to do and more opportunities to create more stuff no one has really brought this topic up that I've seen. I'm sure It ain't easy tho.
  11. Springtrap


    https://imgur.com/a/44dlw https://imgur.com/a/14wEo
  12. Springtrap


    I'll have a pic up soon
  13. Springtrap


    So everyday for half the day at my school I work in a machine class so yesterday my teacher told us to make what ever we want on the lathe, and so my journey into making my own lightsaber hilt started ill keep this updated make sure you follow me to see the update. length https://imgur.com/a/Ug2eL lathe https://imgur.com/a/GP2nh
  14. Springtrap


  15. Springtrap


    how did you bit coin mine most videos i see people doing it only make like 6 cents in 1 week