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  1. Little-bo-lax

    Rami's Birthday

    This is true, no denying the truth
  2. Little-bo-lax

    Chim Appreciation post

    Please all! help me in celebrating a lovely man's birthday! Chim! happy birthday man! It's been a pleasure getting the chance to meet and become friends with you, from our time in the 41st to jedi and staff and all the moments in between, having a friend like you has made the server the place to be. Hope the next year brings great things for ya. -Big Lex?
  3. Little-bo-lax

    Map Inspection Group?

    Hey guys! I wanted to put together a group of individuals who are willing to take some time out of their days and search maps up and down with me! I think rather than having all of us look individually if we dissect the maps as a group of 3-4 we can create a document chalk FULL of potential maps that could be added to the pool! Get at me in TS if you are ever interested and we will start a document and commence the hunt!
  4. Little-bo-lax

    My Devastating Wednesday

    @Leroy Life seems to be given a hell of a fight to people, stay strong Leroy, and vice versa goes for you, if you ever need anything. You know we are always here for you as well. One man can't take the world's problems on for himself. We gotta do it as a unit! ❤️ Take it easy for a few days, We'll be here any way we can.
  5. Little-bo-lax

    I need to get some stuff off my chest

    Everyone has stuff, everyone goes through these waves of up and down motion, and I feel you completely on feeling like there isn't much of an outlet. Day by day, I know things seem to get tougher and tougher and I feel that so much. But oh my god there are so many people that care and want to be around you. Just make sure that you see the value that you bring as a positive and not a negative because currently I think what your doing to better yourself is going to help you in the long run Stay strong brother, we are all here with you going through the motions and I want to see you strive for the best you can be at every corner. Im sorry if I sound like some therapist or a broken record I just think that you are lacking the appreciation and sometimes it can be missed. Keep up the amazing work man <3. -Lax.
  6. Little-bo-lax

    Good tunes

    Depends what you are looking for in general, What mood you want to go for, whether or not your looking to get hyped and do something, if music does the same things it does for me your playlist is going to be cluttered with things from hard rock to Violin instrumentals all the way back to death metal. I've been on a massive kick of a band named The Wonder Years. Secondly, I've been a huge fan of Jake Hill for a long time, take a look if you have the chance!