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  1. Basically, when people get to a certain point in jedi, they can become a lore class, then pick which lore character they want. I recommend talking to some buddies in jedi and seeing if you can convince them to becoming ima gundi
  2. Blubber | Lildog

    Sound Not Working

    Search Device Manager > Sound > uninstall the drivers. Restart the computer and it should reinstall them.
  3. Blubber | Lildog

    The Time Has Come Boys

    Challenge accepted
  4. Blubber | Lildog

    The Time Has Come Boys

    I'm gonna delete this post at 499 comments
  5. Blubber | Lildog

    How do i get unbanned

    Please submit a ban appeal here:
  6. Blubber | Lildog

    Lemme be havoc

  7. Blubber | Lildog

    Whats The best time zone

    I got my eyes on you >.>
  8. Blubber | Lildog

    Whats The best time zone

    I should ban you right here and now for this
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    low quality memes

    I actually chuckled. +1
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    Dark RP Population

    We are currently working on a revamp and testing new features to bring it back to life.
  11. Blubber | Lildog

    DJ Club

    Ooooo that's really nice
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    I need help

    Hey there! One thing we can try is adding the map directly into your Garry's Mod files since it is seeming to refuse to download. Make sure Garry's Mod is NOT open while performing the following steps. Click on this link to access the map which I have uploaded to my Google Drive: Download the map and save it somewhere (either in your downloads folder or onto your desktop). Navigate to this folder: Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps on your computer. (You might have to go to your C drive, then Programs x86 and then Steam then steamapps so on and so forth.) Extract that file into the previously mentioned folder. It should then look something like this: Relaunch Garry's Mod and attempt to join the server. If all goes according to plan, your Garry's Mod should be able to find the map in this folder and be able to load it properly.
  13. Blubber | Lildog

    Here’s a question for you tech guys

    Ah... good luck finding a good graphics card for a low price. Bitcoin and other crypto currency have destroyed the market. You'll have to settle for a lesser graphics card. Gtx 1050 should be okay or go for a lesser known brand.