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  1. Diddlez

    As a demolitionist...

    You're just mad because you're not hip like me.
  2. Diddlez

    EP's Singing Country Roads

    2nd best music video I've seen this week.
  3. Diddlez

    Rami's Birthday

    The big one three. You're a teen now buddy, life is gonna get crazy.
  4. Diddlez

    Jwhite's Internet

    Just no. One thousand times no.
  5. Diddlez

    Money Money Money

    Post bank heist!
  6. Diddlez

    I'm Tired

    Hey Boys, First off I can understand your frustration. Boss tryouts are currently scheduled for Sunday (in the evening). I'll make sure the exact time is announced tomorrow. Now, I'll briefly address your concerns. First off I would like to clarify that this situation is not comparable to Jedi. Jedi is not advertised as free and (obviously) has our direct approval. A regimental class, even the extremely hard to obtain lore classes, do not cost any money. The Ion Squad situation was not a reason for the ban, nor was it mentioned as such. However, Breeze did request that the donator send HIM the money on PayPal first. Luckily all money made it where it was suppose to go, but again we would advise NEVER TO GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE ON THE SERVER UNDER THE ASSUMPTION THAT THEY WILL DONATE IT FOR YOU. We will be having an optional meeting with the RCs Friday evening @ 7PM EST. I will not go into detail on the forums in order to protect the names of the people involved. If you are directly related to the issue and you wish to speak with us on the matter before then, please reach out to an Upper Staff Member on TeamSpeak. Also, do not give banned members on the forums access to your account, or copy post things for them. That is the same as ban circumvention.
  7. Diddlez

    This is my Dog. Her name is Maggie.

    *The Louie seal of approval