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  1. Leroy

    Guess Who's Back

  2. Leroy

    Guess Who's Back

    What's YNSN? Your rates are all kinds of weird. What will you technically be doing?
  3. Leroy

    Guess Who's Back

    First off it's Marines, second i'm at an instructor course with a bunch of sailors and I have the highest GPA 😂. Also what's your rate?
  4. Leroy

    Guess Who's Back

    Welcome to the United States military you dirty sailor, Couple things of advice for someone who has been in the Marines for 7 years... 1. Don't spend all your money at the first place you get to go to. 2. Don't buy that brand new car right out in town, go a couple towns over and get a older car! (don't want that 10%-20% interest on that $25,000 car) 3. Get a credit card but look into a financial class first and learn about how to build GOOD credit. 4. Save save save save! The holidays are upon us! Go out and have some fun but be safe! Your Truly, Leroy (Sgt Harber USMC) -P.S- You navy scum cannot shoot like gunslingers! Especially when you don't have that E on your ribbon, nerd.
  5. Leroy

    As a demolitionist...

    That's because I'm Rad.. sorry let me call whiplash here for you. KAPPA
  6. Leroy

    As a demolitionist...

  7. So today I lost someone close to my heart. I served with this man for 5 years here in the Marine Corps. Today he lost to his demons.. This man always had a smile on his face, knew how to pick you up when you were down.. but I failed him today.. I missed his call for help and the end result was him taking his life. I will miss this Devil Dog.. Till Valhalla Brother, Semper Fidelis.. I'm posting this to help raise awareness of suicide.. I've lost 2 great friends to their demons.. So if you're ever struggling with them.. Please send me a message I will literally drop everything I'm doing to talk and listen to you. I don't want to lose more friends.. With A Heavy Heart, Leroy
  8. Leroy


    My prayers have been answered!
  9. Leroy

    Need a Computer Expert... kind of expert

    1. Part Compatibility 2. Malware / Virus's 3. Possible bad HDD (Hard Drive) <--- I would look at this one specifically. Also go into your task manager -> Services -> disable Windows Search (WSearch) and SysMain (Super Fetch) and see if that does anything.
  10. Leroy

    Jwhite's Internet

    Hey Jwhite, Come visit me in my channel some time I would be down to help you a little bit. Love, Leroy
  11. Leroy

    Who You Calling Pinhead (OOC Activity)

    Thread moved due to no constructive relevance to SWRP discussion. Respectfully, Leroy the hall monitor
  12. Leroy

    Gmod Engine

    I remember hearing a rumor of a new "gmod" in production but I believe that's unfortunately just "rumor".
  13. Leroy


    Unfortunately I can't put any videos up.. I could upload them to youtube but that would be in terrible phone quality and just would hurt everyone's eyes...
  14. Leroy


    Well the area i'm in that might be hard to find.. but i'll go looking this weekend xD! I'm not sure how I would be able to put something that large into a post here... but i'll see what I can do.
  15. Leroy

    Thank you, everyone.

    @faceyourBEARS Hey bud you know... I'm awake at 5pm my time which is like midnight 1-4 am for you.. I enjoy having someone to play with and I've made a great friend from it! If you ever need some assistance with that visa you let me know I'll help pay for whatever you need help with. Don't be leaving on me now! I'm glad to have you here and always remember we're a family here and there are some AWESOME people here! Love Ya! Leroy