By Rami

Classes will be in today!

Evening soldiers! Class requests are being made and uploaded tonight, ready for the fights of tomorrow!

By Rami

New home map suggestions

Hello there! Be sure to check out the New Home suggestions and planning thread on the forums. 

Here's a direct link: Thread

By Rami

Brawlhalla Tournament TBD

Hello, members of the Prominent! We will be hosting the 2019 Winter Brawlhalla Tournament Stay on the lookout for the thread that will go over the prizes (big boy prizes incoming),  along with how the tournament will be running. Thank you :)


Edit: The tournament is going to be rescheduled so we may accommodate more members joining in on the fun! 

By Rami

Prominent Gaming News

Hello everyone, and welcome to our slider feature that is brand new to the Prominent forums! I will be using this to feature upcoming news and announcements for the community, including updates or additions! Generally, if it's up here, it's important.


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  1. Chim is summoning his father, Cthulhu, from the depths of the sea.
  2. Treble

    Star wars TikTok

    No please. Don’t crash the server
  3. Treble


    No, love me!
  4. well, if they dont meet anakin that is.
  5. Treble

    Life Stories

    My life did a complete 180 a while ago and I needed to share. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, hanging out at the local playground, ya know? Played a little bit of basketball and stuff. Then these jerk wads started bullying my friend, so i attacked them? well i went home one day and i found my stuff packed up, with my mom telling me that im moving in with my aunt and uncle because of the fight i got into. No matter how much i begged to stay. I put my earbuds in during the flight to by aunt and uncle's place. I was luckily put up to first class due to the airline overbooking, which was nice. there was a guy who looked like a cop holding a sign with my name on it, but due to my past I didn't want to get arrested as soon i got there, I grabbed a cab that looked pretty nice and it took me to my aunt and uncle's place. I was dropped off at the place where I sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air. sorry i felt as if i had to.
  6. Treble

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    why... just why... these gifs will give me nightmares for years to come.
  7. once they get out of padawan, they can buy a lore class, and they are able to change lore classes once a month for free after purchase.
  8. Treble

    stats class need things

    12’ 14 porcupine
  9. Treble

    Guess Who's Back

    i feel @jibbaa is jealous.
  10. Treble

    Guess Who's Back

  11. Treble

    So I made myself a microphone stand

    I thought it was just a normal mic stand but with a non-mic stand mic on it. AHH
  12. Treble

    So I made myself a microphone stand

    Wow, no pop filter or shock mount. Both nesicary for such a quality mic such as yours. I’m disappointed.
  13. Treble

    EP's Singing Country Roads

    you sure its not this?
  14. Treble

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    I check each morning, lunch, midday, and night. i kinda no-life it. It’s pretty bad.
  15. Treble

    Rami's Birthday

    I was told he’s turning 8. Huh.