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  1. Treble

    Life Stories

    My life did a complete 180 a while ago and I needed to share. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, hanging out at the local playground, ya know? Played a little bit of basketball and stuff. Then these jerk wads started bullying my friend, so i attacked them? well i went home one day and i found my stuff packed up, with my mom telling me that im moving in with my aunt and uncle because of the fight i got into. No matter how much i begged to stay. I put my earbuds in during the flight to by aunt and uncle's place. I was luckily put up to first class due to the airline overbooking, which was nice. there was a guy who looked like a cop holding a sign with my name on it, but due to my past I didn't want to get arrested as soon i got there, I grabbed a cab that looked pretty nice and it took me to my aunt and uncle's place. I was dropped off at the place where I sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air. sorry i felt as if i had to.
  2. Treble

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    why... just why... these gifs will give me nightmares for years to come.
  3. once they get out of padawan, they can buy a lore class, and they are able to change lore classes once a month for free after purchase.
  4. Treble

    stats class need things

    12’ 14 porcupine
  5. Treble

    Guess Who's Back

    i feel @jibbaa is jealous.
  6. Treble

    Guess Who's Back

  7. Treble

    So I made myself a microphone stand

    I thought it was just a normal mic stand but with a non-mic stand mic on it. AHH
  8. Treble

    So I made myself a microphone stand

    Wow, no pop filter or shock mount. Both nesicary for such a quality mic such as yours. I’m disappointed.
  9. Treble

    EP's Singing Country Roads

    you sure its not this?
  10. Treble

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    I check each morning, lunch, midday, and night. i kinda no-life it. It’s pretty bad.
  11. Treble

    Rami's Birthday

    I was told he’s turning 8. Huh.
  12. Treble

    The Time Has Come Boys

    @jibbaa @NotCtas
  13. Treble

    The Time Has Come Boys

  14. Treble

    Lemme be havoc

    I must [-1] for balance
  15. Treble

    The Time Has Come Boys

    xXx_360NoScope69420_xXx its a good name, right?