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  1. faceyourBEARS

    My GMOD Refuses to Function

    If you have either 1, wiped all of your mods completely then uninstalled your Garry's Mod and deleted the folder(s) from your Steam Directory, reinstalled and then reinstalled the mods and it has continued or 2, unsubscribed and deleted then resubscribed, and it still continues. Reinstall all of your GMod VPKs. Easiest way is to uninstall GMOD Entirely, HL2, CSS etc and delete their contents and reinstall HL2, Load it once and then CSS and load that once, and so on with GMod being the final thing. Yes, I know it sounds suckish but I had to do it too lol. (rip me on DSL, took me forever) EDIT: Should probably explain one or both of the two causes. VPK's are obviously the gigantic files Valve uses for their content in games, which some games also use as their "Base". GMod being one of them, and their mods inside of the game inclusive. Either one of your VPK's model configs are bad, or the Mods model configs is bad itself. You wont be able to tell which one is the bad one, hence why its easier to reinstall. If none fix it, its serverside.
  2. faceyourBEARS

    The Time Has Come Boys

    Name it Bear StarCola and I'll donate $50 every two weeks.
  3. faceyourBEARS

    Need a Computer Expert... kind of expert

    The answer to 1 is not what I meant. As in, what have you updated and what was the driver? I need to know so I can say what screwed something if something did. Also, what we need the specs for is important. Do not go to Pcpartpicker as it will not give all we need. I suggest using the trial version of everest home edition or whatever it is, which will print an entire log full of all hardware and software attached to each hardware on your computer. It will help us identify whether its a program, software or hardware issue.
  4. faceyourBEARS

    Need a Computer Expert... kind of expert

    To be honest, this sounds like a Software or Hardware incompatibility issue. Gonna throw some questions, try answer as best as you can. (Get a FULL list of your specs too, please.) 1. Have you installed any software recently? Like driver updates, soundcards etc. 2. Have you upgraded a hardware piece recently? What and when? 3. Have you overclocked your CPU/GPU? Will update with more if I can
  5. faceyourBEARS

    Jwhite's Internet

    Hey Jwhite, I know exactly how you feel about goin through this. Tryna get money myself together for rent and internet, and it's hard. People made a GoFundMe in my name even. If I ever get anything aside, I'll throw it at your face literally man. I got you ♥
  6. faceyourBEARS

    Adobe Certified Associate

    You're welcome for letting you use my Photoshop Nerd
  7. faceyourBEARS


    Oh Whiplash. Optima is a great car.
  8. faceyourBEARS

    PG DarkRP Changelog

    I already have stolen 300 speedforce. Bring it kiddies
  9. faceyourBEARS

    Few' Antics.

    Yo we got some successful defends man dw
  10. faceyourBEARS

    LUA Error

    Few fixes scattered around, some may be a repeat but who knows what'll work. This is a LUA Panic right?- Restart your game.- Update Drivers.- VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHEYou could also try: - dxlevel 95 to your launch parameters - heapsize 16777216 in launch parameters Still not working?- Remove all your usercontent (Addons, Maps)- Re-Download the game.- Fresh install of Windows or what ever Linux Distro you are using. Try going to options>other>"When a game server tries to download custom content" and change it to only allow map files "My solution to this problem was updating all of my drivers including my graphics driver then rebooting my computer. If that doesn't work you could even try re-installing Garry's Mod in a different location as I had a firewall problem where Garry's Mod was considered as virus by my Anti-Virus." Will update this with more later.
  11. faceyourBEARS

    LUA Error

    Most people are running WIndows 10 who are having this issue. I'm looking into a few more things, a lot of places say this is a GMod Thing, a Server thing, or a OS thing.
  12. faceyourBEARS

    LUA Error

    Try opening a singleplayer game with the map; How you do this the easy way is to go onto your main menu, click on options .. THEN HIT YOU CONSOLE KEY! In your console type the following; map rp_downtown_prominent_v3 Then hit enter. Your game will probably freeze, don't panic, it's loading the game. After loading, you can mess about or leave and try connect to the DarkRP server.
  13. faceyourBEARS

    LUA Error

    Thats odd
  14. faceyourBEARS

    LUA Error

    Try this; Navigate to C:\Program FIles (x86) (just program files if 32bit)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010 Double click DXSETUP.exe and install Then try play Gmod. EDIT: Another thing found to work; is to check if your Steam folders are "READ-ONLY" or not. if they ARE, you need to untick that box. Easiest way is to go to your steam folder; right click it and hit properties .. you'll see it near the bottom. Some people had to reinstall their addons, or even their Garry's Mod (sometimes a few times) to get it all working.
  15. faceyourBEARS

    Few' Antics.