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  1. Lava_Vulcan

    Guess Who's Back

  2. Lava_Vulcan

    Bominoe Squad

    There was an activity the other day where a new elite squad was formed. Bominoe Squad. Lore: They are a squad that only uses duel pistols and are very godspeed Roster: CO: Havoc(Vulcan) XO: Colt(Indra) 3IC: Komrk(Ryte) Honorary Null: Mereel(Sase) Honorary Doom:Chandler Dad/1.5IC: Braytos Honorary Wannabe: Jimmy Honorary Sharpshooter: Spade(Phill) Squad Photos: BTW WE DID NOT KILL HIM HE JUST MINDPLODED and killed himself Looking for a probe droid on the ship Our theme song Our Celebration Dance
  3. Lava_Vulcan

    Blubber Appreciation Post

    Wheres the pic of him asleep in the CO/XO meeting? Happy Birthday @Blubber | Lildog!
  4. Lava_Vulcan

    Lemme be havoc

    Its happening doodles you can't stop it
  5. Lava_Vulcan

    Lemme be havoc

    Just gonna give myself a quick +1
  6. Lava_Vulcan

    Lemme be havoc

    It's your guy the XO of Rancor or Colt, I want to be able to be Havoc class because the model is better and so is the class. In lore colt and havoc are both commander ranks so I don't see a problem with it. But Doodles says if I get 30 +1's I can use it so. Colt dies first out of the three too
  7. Lava_Vulcan


    I’ll just leave this here