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  1. Zest

    As a demolitionist...

    Have I just started an actual Civil War (pun intended)?
  2. Zest

    As a demolitionist...

    Pfft, I won't I promise. I make things go B O O M when needed, not when I want. Although I'd like to blow shit up for fun....
  3. As an explosives expert, I have a special way of typing "F" in the chat. When people give an "F" in the chat, I give my "F" like so... B O O M B O O M O O M B O O M O O M Enemy go B O O M
  4. Zest


    More people need to be considerate. They think that just because it's on a video game they can tell someone to kill themselves when they die once. Because people go through that shit, and actually kill themselves. I had a friend. His name was Mazi and he played the trumpet like a god. One day we come to school and everything was fine, we got our instruments out and tuned and practiced before our instructor came out. He came out with tears in his eyes, and gave us the news that Mazi had overdosed the previous night. I shut down and bawled my ass off in class. Nobody would've thought that he would do something like that because he was the nicest person ever and a great friend. Everybody loved him and was going to be in the military after high school. The thing is, is that people seem fine on the outside and everybody thinks they're fine. But on the inside, they're in pain and they're suffering. Take the time out of your day to say hello to someone and ask them how they're doing. People go through tough shit and they get lost, and it's sad that people tell other people to kill themselves due to the fact that they handle one more death on their K/D ratio. Please. If anyone here or anyone knows somebody that considers suicide, talk to someone. If you don't have anyone to talk to at that moment you can call this number : 1-800-273-8255 I love everyone here, even if they don't like me. Just because I'm kind of a minge sometimes, doesn't mean I'm inconsiderate. I will do everything in my power to make sure that nobody is put down. Yours truly, ~Zest
  5. Zest

    EP's Singing Country Roads

    +1 it's mine as well...
  6. Zest

    Prominent Gaming Forums Overall Question

    Basically describes me. I refresh the page every minute tho.