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  1. Defter

    If i were in PG

    So i know most of you would never expect this but i am a HUGE law enforcement RPer. Lspdfr, darkRP, arma 3 altis life etc which is why i found this video that i watched a long time ago ( props to any of you if your current or ex emergency services!)
  2. Defter

    Moonwalk into debrief

    Lmao how did we not notice that yesterday! 😂 gg bolk
  3. Defter

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Lmao happy thanksgiving gamers! I Shall return to the prominent a much fuller trooper 😂
  4. Defter

    The 501st never runs

    Try it again my mans hope it works
  5. Defter

    The 501st never runs

    So incase anyone was wondering why i haven't been on yet today (doubt many of you do lol) I was helping a member of my family who works for a diabetes's orginization. Well while thinking it would be boring as heck i ended up taking pics of and with the 501st legion (not the ingame one) really awesome and amazing people and if any of you are apart of the legion hats off to ya (the shadow scout was the coolest guy there tho) (also also there was a Kenobi but he sounded nothing like Ordo lmao)
  6. Defter

    Guess Who's Back

    I may not know you but i hope to soon my mans congrats!