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PG DarkRP Changelog

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Prominent Gaming DarkRP Changelog

There have been a ton of changes from launch until 4/5/2018 but I'll just be logging from this date onward.


  • Added 'Pocket' back to all players inventories, and blacklisted items that cause unfair advantages when pocketed.
  • Fixed players being able to interact with world entities through C menu (This is so silly how I didn't fix this earlier, please don't make fun of me. Love you)
  • Our members can now raid the PD vault and steal money! All police will be notified of the PD intrusion. Raiders need to hold their positions for five minutes.
  • Pizza Chef no longer has a side business as a meth dealer (jokes). A bug where the meth dealer and pizza chef were reversed is fixed.
  • Added 'The Flash' 'The Reverse Flash' and 'Zoom' jobs. The flash can work for the government. The reverse flash and flash are always battling it out to steal Speed. Zoom can help all eligible classes raid the PD by disorientating officers, but not hurting them.
  • Added 'Crack Supplier' job. (The model used will be fixed with less shady jumping anims, ignore it for now until tomorrow :))
  • Crack buyer is here Te3fu1c.jpg
  • And crack buyer is here iGygLRs.jpg
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